• Good Times,
    Great Beer

    Retirement didn't mean slowing down for Andrea and Rick. The former ad agency partners traded in board room presentations to retire in beautiful Sonoma County.

    As a result of that, Copper Cat Brewing and The Copper Cats acoustic band was formed. On any given day you may find Andrea, Rick & Chet making music in the barn Or you might find Rick & Chet brewing one of their award winning beers. Come by for happy hour and that’s when the real party begins.

    At Copper Cat Brewery, enjoying great music with friends and family is just as important as brewing the best beer. Musicians are always welcome to bring their instruments.

    Copper Cat private home brew pub is by invitation only, there’s never a charge for beverages. The Red Lyon Ale’s on tap, the stage lights are dimming, and the good times are just a few sips away.